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In the space of a free phone call, you can find these things out about probate:

  • Is there any way of avoiding probate completely? (Yes, that can happen.)
  • Does my situation qualify for probate? (There are certain requirements.)
  • Is there any form of simplified probate that I can use? (Yes, there might be.  It depends on the size of the estate.)
  • If I have a will or know where it is, does it have to be probated? (It is not required, but certain parties can insist on it.)
  • How long does probate have to last? (There are minimum time periods that must be observed.)
  • How are the legal and other costs of probate handled? (There is a fair way and it is easier and better than most people probably think.)
  • What can probate do for the heirs? (There are distinct advantages that can be realized.)
  • If there are any taxes due on death, what happens? (This is a complicated question and we can talk about it.)
  • Do I have to open a probate proceeding in more than one county or state? (Yes, sometimes you do.)
  • If I live out of state, do I have to come to Arkansas? (Not necessarily; actual attendance is very rare.)
  • If there are debts owed by the dead person or liens or delinquent taxes, what happens? (It depends on a number of factors and we can talk about these.)
  • If I get involved will I be responsible for the dead person’s debts if I inherit some of his or her property? (Usually not, but there can be exceptions.)

If you decide you need help, I would be happy to help you.

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